• Broken Radiator

    I moved out of my parents’ house about 10 years ago. Despite having a lovely home of my own, Thanksgiving is still usually hosted at my parents’ house. But last year, my mother called me and told me that she didn’t want the stress of cooking for the whole family and asked me to host the holiday. I was nervous, but thrilled for the opportunity. I spent a week cleaning and prepping dinner, trying to ensure that nothing could go wrong. But at the very last minute, my HVAC system broke down. I was in the kitchen, basting the turkey when I heard loud, rattling noises coming from the air vents throughout my house. I ran over to the wall thermostat and turned off my heater immediately. I gave my HVAC unit a few minutes and tried to run it again, but every time I turned the heater back on it would make that same rattling noise. I tried to get in touch with an HVAC company, but they were all closed for the holiday. Luckily, I had installed a fireplace in my dining room a few years back that I almost never used. In a rush, I turned the fireplace on and let it roar. As guests and family started making their way in, I tried to keep them corralled in the dining room while I finished up in the kitchen. I kept the oven on all day to try to generate extra heat, but everyone was drawn to the ambiance of the fireplace in the dining room. I don’t think anyone even noticed that my heater died!

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  • glad to have good HVAC system

    I think it’s going to be a long, hot summer. I am glad I have a sound HVAC system in my house. I don’t use the furnace much in the winter as it doesn’t get too cold here since I live in the south. But the summers are another story altogether. You definitely need some cold A\C around here in the summer time. I like to keep it nice and frosty in my house so I turn the thermostat down really low. I don’t know what temperature I keep it at but I am sure it is below the recommend temperature. I don’t care if my utility bills are high as long as I have ice cold air conditioning in the summer time. The funny thing is that I grew up without air conditioning in my house. I guess that is why I like the A/C so much. My brother is a totally different story altogether. He doesn’t like air conditioning at all and he’ll crank up his gas furnace in the winter time. I think he keeps his thermostat set on eighty degrees in the winter time. Well, he is pretty skinny so I guess he doesn’t have a lot of insulation to keep him warm. The truth is that I am of average height and weight but the two of us are just polar opposites when it comes to heating and air conditioning. Sometimes I go to visit him and he won’t even turn the air conditioning on when I am there. I get back at him by keeping my thermostat set really low when he comes to visit me in the winter time. I guess we should call a truce and be hospitable. We need to make an arrangement wherein when I visit him he turns his air conditioning on and when he visits me I turn the heat up on the gas furnace.

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  • Son wants portable a/c unit

    My wife and I let our grown son move back into the house last year, and he is still living with us. We have enjoyed having his company, and during the first few months, we had a great time having him home. Now it has been fourteen months, and he is still sleeping on a cot in the basement. He has a full time job, but he still chooses to live here with us. I wasn’t terrible bothered by his presence, until he started to complain about the A/C all the time. My husband likes to keep the A/C set to 74 degrees in order to save money on the electric bills. The heat or A/c doesn’t affect me much, so the temperature is fine with me. My son has been complaining since spring began, and he is constantly adjusting the thermostat. When we complained about him adjusting the thermostat, he went out and bought a small portable A/C unit for the basement. Unfortunately, my son didn’t think to get a portable A/C unit with a great SEER rating, and it is costing a small fortune to run the thing. Last month alone, I think the electric bill was higher by almost a hundred dollars. My husband and I are going to have to sit down with our son and explain the laws of supply and demand. He is going to have to start chipping in around the house, or he is going to take his portable A/C somewhere other than our downstairs basement.

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  • Heating system air temperature-not good

    I have a lot of trouble sleeping at times. This has gone on as along as I can remember. I usually try to go to bed early, but I’ll toss and turn for about half the night. I usually don’t fall asleep until about one in the morning. Last week I had a really bad cold, so my insomnia was much worse. I went to bed even earlier than usual, but my house was freezing for some reason. The bad air quality made it impossible for me to sleep. I got up to mess with the thermostat so my heating system would kick on. I also got a big warm blanket to bide the time until warm air came rushing through the ductwork. I waited for a long time, but the air quality remained cold. There must have been something wrong with my heating system. I hoped it would kick on soon, because I really couldn’t afford to have any repairs done to my HVAC system. HVAC technicians are very expensive and money was pretty tight for me at the moment. I got up again to check on my furnace. Maybe if I jiggled the wires around it would come to life and start doing its job. I tried to get it to work, but the air quality just wouldn’t get warmer. I could see that the furnace was trying to work, but it seemed like there was something stuck in the ductwork. It was too cold to deal with this. I wrapped myself up in a blanket and tried to imagine myself sitting next to a nice warm fireplace. I would call an HVAC technician in the morning. I had no choice at this point.

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  • Midnight Freeze

    I an an author. I love to write, but sometimes I can’t choose exactly when inspiration strikes. Just the other night, I got the urge to get up around midnight and start writing. I couldn’t help it. I got up, started writing, and noticed it was freezing cold. I assumed my air conditioner was broken again. I adjusted the thermostat and hoped for the best. No warm air came out of the ductwork, however, so the air quality remained frozen. Morning finally came and I had to call my local HVAC technician to come fix it. He arrived with all his tools and began to inspect the thermostat, ductwork, furnace, air conditioner, and all other elements of the heating and cooling system. I talked to him for awhile, and then he went back to work. He found there was a problem with the air conditioner, the furnace, the thermostat, and blockage in the ductwork too. My whole heating and cooling system was messed up! I couldn’t believe it. I had no choice but to pay for the repairs, but at least the HVAC technician was nice enough to show me some energy saving tips. I was happy for that at least.I wasn’t too happy that  had to fix almost every element of my heating and cooling system however. It cost me a whole lot of money! I learned my lesson that night. Never again would I allow my HVAC system to ever get that neglected again. I would make sure to have my HVAC system inspected at least a few times a year.

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  • Super loud HVAC

    It’s not very often I have to go out of town to cover something, but I did have to go to an event in the state that was far enough staying in a hotel was much more reasonable than driving up and back in the same amount of time. So, I checked into a reasonably priced place and went on my merry way to do my assignment. I get back to the pace, and to my dismay the room a pretty crummy issue, and it sounded like an old man was hiding under the bed, but really it was this stuffy wall unit was probably worse because I had to stare at this thing the whole night I slept. The fan was ridiculously loud. I doubted any proper HVAC maintenance had been done too this equipment in a year, maybe more. Forget about air filter changes, this thing was coughing up its last lung. I could only hope I wouldn’t catch some weird airborne cold due to the more than likely poor indoor air quality haunted the room. It seemed like it had to be the worst case scenario. I suppose I was thankful the sheets in the room were clean. The bath towels seemed pretty good to for hotelroom standards. The last thing you want or expect is the air unit to be on the fritz. The room itself wasn’t very hot because the fan was hacking away in the corner. I couldn’t sleep. I was sweating, and I think I was probably saying these things to myself, as I lay in bed in denial of the whole situation.


  • Car at highest cooling amount

    Driving down south, it gets hot. So, I’m definitely going to have the air conditioner in my car on the coolest temperature setting, and I’ll usually have the fan on the highest speed. But, there’s something to say for constantly running these functions for a long  trip in the car. I always have the air circulating in the car, and I very rarely drive with my windows down. If I do, I turn my whole system off. I think it’s better for the car, and it isn’t wasting the energy. It’s much nicer to have outdoor air circulating in with the system off if I’m going to have the windows down. I don’t want to waste any of the air the system is producing to the outside. But again, when my system is running at full capacity because it’s so hot, I gotta believe I’m probably crossing some fine lines with using my equipment. Through some research, I read from an HVAC professional on very hot days, the car will actually burn more fuel in the engine to provide air to the car. The parts of the AC can actually use up 3 to 4 horsepower of energy from the vehicle. That is crazy! I can’t believe the amount of energy is needed to operate an air conditioner in a car. It can be like driving in a metal trap when it gets hot outdoors and I’m in the car. The only thing I’ve come up with right now is balancing between utilizing my AC in the car and turn int off and rolling down the windows.

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  • Complex ductwork system in office

    I just got my dream job in my field. It pays great, everyone who works there’s friendly, I love the work itself, and the office building I work in is not only nearby, but super nice as well. It was just constructed a few short years ago, so many of the amenities and most of the equipment in it’s super high tech and brand new. Aside from the computers, projectors, and even high tech coffee makers, the biggest draw is the office HVAC system. The thing could heat up an ice rink or cool down the Sahara desert. It’s so strong and even on the hottest days I’m still comfortable in a suit. Same goes for the cold days, when the heater kicks on you would think you’re in the middle of spring despite it being ten degrees outside. The office also has a complex system of air ducts allows the thermostat to heat certain sections of the office more than others, so when one room gets too hot, the heater can be turned down significantly while leaving all other areas of the office the exact same. It’s really a modern marvel of HVAC technology, it must cost the company a fortune to have it running all the time and serviced regularly. I’m just thankful they’ve it, I’ve grown accustomed to dingy offices with poor AC and heating, or even working from home where I don’t actually have functioning HVAC equipment at the moment. It’s a wonderful change of pace from what I consider normal.

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  • AC only in dining room

    A couple years back I got this part time job in a kitchen to help my financial situation. I only worked there a few days a week, and it was essentially a side gig to make some extra cash. I picked up the training real quick, got friendly with the people who worked there and overall had a great time while I was there. The one thing I never adjusted to, and won’t miss was the crazy heat back in the kitchen. I never thought all those ovens, and heat lamps could pump out much heat, in small of a space. I wasn’t even behind the cooking line so I can’t imagine what the chefs went through standing over scorching hot fries, and stoves all day. My first day on the job I had to step outside because I thought I was gonna be sick from the intense heat. Turns out this, like most restaurants, HVAC equipment is equipped to mostly cool the dining floor, not the kitchen. So the AC is on and blasting, but only enough to make the customers comfortable, not the kitchen staff in back. Some of the more experienced workers dressed in cooler clothing, brought in ice packs, knew where the cooler spots in the kitchen were, etc. It’s something I never got accustomed to, and I don’t miss it. I now work in a building with proper air conditioning and I don’t sweat a bucket of sweat every day as a result.


  • HVAC equipment is bad in coffee joints

    Being musician, I have been to countless places that I have performed in, whether it be performing at the same venue multiple times. I have played music in places such as: terrific concert halls, universities, small record establishments, even grocery shops. And besides being a talented musician, I play a wind instrument. That means that after I’m playing my flute around venues, I’m pretty sensitive to the air, since it is what’s making the sound of my instrument. That’s why I’ve grown to be pretty sensitive to what sort of HVAC systems they have in whatever venue I have the greatest pleasure of playing in. In some places, you might possibly be surprised at either how fantastic or poorly the heating and cooling is. I have played in some halls in universities that you would assume had great HVAC, but in reality, their heating and cooling systems were the worst for the bunch. I have played in some really dinky cafes where the HVAC is normally amazing, sporting the best humidity control you would never expect a hole-in-the-wall of a cafe of having. I guess all that I’ve learned is that places can astonish you, and that you can’t decide a book by it’s cover because heating and cooling systems are behind the scenes. They aren’t out front where everyone will see them, but everyone that frequents the building will know the facts of the HVAC unit that heats and cools the place. HVAC units are a lot like music in that way. When you hear a great musician, you don’t take into consideration what she or maybe he looks like, or sometimes even what she sounds like. All you care about is how she enables you to feel while you’re listening.

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