• Sick and it’s my air quality

    Have you ever considered the air quality of your office building? I never really did until recently.  I heard my co-worker coughing one day and really became concerned. I asked her if she thought she was getting sick, but she said she felt fine other than a sore throat. After that, I was in the breakroom, and some of the other office staff was coughing too. They said that recently they had been coughing a whole lot and had the same sore throat. I was starting out think that everyone was becoming sick. The last thing I needed was everyone spreading the flu or strep throat! The very next day, while at work, I began coughing, but within half an hour or so of leaving the building, I felt better and my throat didn’t feel sore anymore. When I started to ask around and found out that everyone was having the same experience, I came to the conclusion that the building was the problem. Our boss called out the HVAC company, we discovered that we basically had a “sick building. ” Our HVAC ductwork needed to be cleaned. Our outside heating and cooling equipment was also clogged with debris. There was even some mold and mildew inside ductwork, which is definitely not good to be breathing in. The HVAC company sent out a heating and cooling service technician, and he got straight to work. He cleared the debris from the outdoor HVAC unit, cleaned up the ductwork with a special machine, and replaced all the air filters, and scrubbed the air vents in the ceilings. We are all feeling better and the building is now considered healthy.


  • Resort air conditioner broke

    There is nothing better than spending the day with my grandkids. They really like to go to the park down the street and meet up with their friends.  Because they are still young I have to walk there with them and I can’t wait until we go back home. They don’t seem to mind leaving the comfort of an air conditioned house to play outside in the heat of the summer. I don’t like being outside because I live in the south and the minute I go outdoors I was blasted with hot, humid air. As I sit on the park bench it reminds me that I need to call my HVAC provider for my annual check up of my HVAC system.  I have him out once a year to make sure everything with my system is working correctly. I remember my HVAC system went out a few years ago and it took a week to get it replaced. I was so uncomfortable that I left town for a few days so I could stay at a resort that had air conditioning.  I decided to get a HVAC system that had a zone control feature which allows me to adjust the temperature in various areas of my house independently. I even use a smart thermostat that allows me to change the temperature in my house by a remote location. I know that some people think I am overly obsessed with my HVAC system but my comfort is very important to me.  I think I will take my grandkids to the new indoor water park across town next week.  It is, of course, air conditioned.

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  • HVAC when traveling

    At the start of my sales career, I didn’t think I’d personally have the lifestyle I undertake. I enjoy traveling for business but I love coming home to my perfectly up-to-date house to relax. Because I’m regularly gone, I upgraded my HVAC system for better climate control. It made no sense in my experience to leave my furnace or air conditioning unit on while I’m not there. Instead, I found a HVAC company to set up a better furnace and a newer, more efficient air conditioning unit. I also had the HVAC technician install a SMART thermostat so that I’ve got remote climate control. With my own new thermostat, I can use my phone to modify the heating or cooling temperatures from I want it to be when I’m actually going to be coming home. This is the kind of climate control that has improved the cost of my energy bills tremendously. I remember being so frustrated when I first started traveling because I had to pay extra for heating or cooling a house I has not been in. With my new thermostat, I don’t must worry about any issues along with my bills. I also don’t care about coming home to non-functioning central heat or air conditioning unit. I don’t have to fret because my phone will alert me whenever a something wrong with either. While using the climate control I along with the remote alerts, I feel that my house is perfect. I’ve told several colleagues about using climate control to reduce the costs of their heating and cooling expenses. I think my climate control system will be the smartest investment I’ve ever opted for.

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  • Heating repair did not go well

    My parents went overseas for a year on a mission trip. Since my brother wanted to save money, they allowed him to stay at their house providing he paid the bills in a timely manner and maintained the property. He refused. I don’t know why he didn’t think it was important to change the air filter on the furnace. The only thing I do know is that he called me in a blind panic, saying the furnace was not working anymore. My husband and I rushed up to find him in the basement getting the furnace to come on. I asked my brother if he called our parents’ HVAC specialist to service the furnace like they told him to do. He said no because he didn’t think it was something he should have to pay for. I asked him if the air filter had been changed. He said no, he’d recently been busy. I told him that he needed to call their HVAC technician and fix it or he would definitely be in trouble. He didn’t seem too fond of the idea. I found our parents’ phone book and called the HVAC technician for an emergency appointment. When the specialist arrived, he looked at the furnace and told my pal that this was not your furnace repair call anymore. He told my friend that because he failed to keep your it, the furnace needed to get replaced. My brother fussed but I noticed that it wouldn’t have happened if he’d done what he’d already been told. I told him that not changing an air filter can kill a furnace. My brother did pay for a new furnace and the bill delivered by the HVAC technician. I’m sure he has learned an expensive lesson in responsibility because the furnace he bought was not cheap.

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  • Building HVAC broke down

    To begin with, let me say that I am a sucker for my job. In this day and age when everyone around you is very much complaining all the time, I consider myself extremely blessed in this field. Ever since I was a youngster I had a love for a lot of things military. I grew up using little toy soldiers, and when video games became available I immediately fell in love with any combat related games. I am now a major level strategic coordinator and get access to top secret meetings. It’s a little bit of kids dream come true. A week ago was bad, however, as the HVAC system in our conference building completely shut down. It was absolutely freezing! We had to call a local HVAC computer technician, make sure he wasn’t wired, and show him into the boiler room in the basement. After his initial test, he informed us that our HVAC system was completely destroyed. We would have to upgrade the furnace, ductwork, vents, and additionally thermostat. It was caused by a mixture of electrical problems, and simple old age. We weren’t worried about the cost, because we were effectively under budget this quarter. We allowed us the replacements, and the HVAC technician soon left for work. He had to make this short trip to his office to get the new furnace and gather all his tools to work on the ductwork and thermostat. It took him a couple of days, but he soon had this building’s heating and cooling system working ever again, to our great relief. The air quality was back to its frequent stability.

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  • Sweating at interview

    I was so nervous to look at was getting ready for my appointment last week. It had been so long since I was even considered in a position, so I wanted to make sure I got every little facet right. I got a haircut prior to the big day, shaved meticulously, and dug out my best suit within the closet. Most importantly, however, I practiced my communication skills. I prepared myself for every single question I could think of my hopeful employer inquiring. Nothing could have prepared me for the heat that I felt blowing through the vents when I arrived for the interview though. It felt as though the ductwork was on fire! The furnace must have been severely damaged, I concluded. Or perhaps the thermostat was in need of some essential repair. Whatever the fault was, it was hot! I was sweating profusely within moments. I was relieved to observe an HVAC technician walk in the front door, complete with their tools. At least if I acquired the job the heating and cooling system should be hopefully working! I was finally called into the interview room and my interviewer was also battling with the heat. The furnace was carrying out a number on us all! My skin was almost burning with the bad air quality. The air blowing right out of the vents was so hot we could actually almost see it! The meeting went well, and we even shared a laugh about the broken furnace. Of course, I got the job, the heating and cooling system was fixed, and I got a funny story to share along the way.

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  • Big sized heating and cooling


    I just started going to a new gym that just came to my town, I go nearly every day to get into better shape. It’s been my goal for a short time now and I’m just forcing myself to try. I’ve already seen some fantastic improvements and I loved the gym at once, the employees are helpful, the kit is nice and overall it’s been a superb experience. The one issue I have is that I live in a cool climate, but I wear a T-shirt and shorts for gym, meaning the walk to my car and from my car back to the gym are incredibly freezing. This fitness center manages to keep the perfect temperature resulting from an industrial sized heater in addition to a great air conditioner, but that doesn’t change that the outdoor temperatures sometimes dropping below freezing which leaves me shivering always for the short time I am outside. Unfortunately I can’t wear layers unless I decide I want to drag the clothes around, but the heater in the gym keeps the spot too warm to wear much more than a T-shirt, and there isn’t a locker room inside the whole place. I’ve asked the employees at the gym if it would be in any way possible to turn down the heater at all, nevertheless one unit controls the general gym and it’s the gym’s policy to hold it where it was at. So for now I’m stuck shivering in the cold until the weather finally starts warming up, or the gym turns off their heater.

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  • Air ducts with heating system

    The other week I got home shortly after a particularly stressful day at my new job and immediately decided I needed to take a long, hot shower. I went around to my bathroom and started up the shower, relaxed and took my time in there, then shut the wonderful water off. As soon as I stepped straight from the shower, it felt like there was an unusual cold throughout my entire body, I was shivering pretty bad, but figured it was just from not being below the hot water any more. Following drying off and getting redressed, I noticed I was nonetheless seriously shivering, so I went to turn up my thermostat. I noticed my thermostat was already set to a high temperature and my heat should have been pumping out for some time, so I went and checked the ventilation. I noticed no heat was released but rather cool air. I sighed and called my local HVAC provider to send a technician out as soon as possible, but this was the fourth time before the end of the year my heater has been misbehaving. The technician took their time getting here, arriving nearly one hour after the time he said he would show up. While he was looking inside my heater I made some tea in an attempt to warm up. Nearly four hours later the technician said this system was fixed. Not much later, the heater was malfunctioning again, it was then I decided I needed to switch to a new HVAC provider for the reason that their service just wasn’t cutting it anymore.


  • Love my radiant heater

    My favorite thing in this world is my radiant flooring heating system. When I bought my house, I was delighted there was a boiler system installed in the basement. A boiler heats with water, which is extremely useful and energy efficient. A boiler also lends itself to radiant flooring by using the installation of pipes underneath the floor. One of my first renovation projects was to tear out floors. I hired a licensed HVAC contractor to put the radiant system in and I installed the hardwood flooring. I don’t need rugs, my floors are perfectly warm no matter how cold it is in the garden. One of the greatest reasons for radiant flooring is the heat is evenly dispersed from wall to wall. There are no cold spots, no drafts, no blasts of heat. I adjust the thermostat to my  preference, and the heat rises up quickly. As it rises, it heats all the surfaces in the room.The  heat is not nearer to the floor, there are no cold surfaces to steal your body heat. This lets me set my thermostat a bit lower and save on my monthly energy expense. Another benefit is that the heating equipment is hidden under the floor. It doesn’t take up any space in your house or detract from aesthetics. The heater operates quietly, doesn’t introduce contaminants in the indoor air, and won’t dry up the air. I have so much enjoyment walking barefoot on my heated floors. I don’t need thick socks or slippers, and because my feet are warm and toasty, my whole body is comfortable.

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  • My air conditioner breaks a lot

    All summer, I had non stop complications with my air conditioner. We had extremly hot and humid weather, and the season was extremely long. I started up my air conditioner in May, and it smelled truly gross. My house reeked of mold spores, and the family ended up with a headache. I hired my HVAC contractor to clean and service the air conditioner, which took care of the horrible odor. Within a month, the air conditioner started making a high-pitched squealing sound each time it came on. Since I had already paid an a/c company, I tried to ignore this. Unfortunately, the noise kept getting louder and I was worried I’d have to replace the whole cooling system. I contacted the HVAC contractor and scheduled an air conditioner repair. The HVAC technician informed me this was a problem with the belt, which he replaced. The central air conditioner ran just fine for another two weeks, and I noticed there wasn’t very much cold air. I kept turning the thermostat lower and lower, but the house was still warm and sticky. I called  on my same HVAC specialist for another repair, and this time, he told me that it was an issue with a refrigerant leak. I asked him to inspect all the system and address any problem. I was hoping to make it through the remainder of summer without further difficulties. In  August, the air conditioner caused quite a bit of water damage because of a clogged condensate drain. I’m not sure if the air conditioner or the HVAC technician is the problem, but I am 100 % frustrated.

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