• Quality HVAC benefits

    We waited nearly twenty years to make our dream home. We pinched every possible penny, and carefully determined every last feature of our new casa. We wanted to get every detail perfect, and were unwilling to sacrifice quality with regard to savings. When we decided to buy a geothermal heating and cooling system, we recognized that it would be much more expensive to purchase and install than the conventional system. Digging up the ground to bury the loop system can be described as big and expensive project. Naturally, however, spending more was definitely a good selection. Our geothermal system provides very low utility bills and annual maintenance costs. We made it possible to bundle the cost of the geothermal system into our monthly mortgage payment for preferential financing. We also invested in a very good connection between the geothermal heat pump and our water tank, so that heat taken off our home during the cooling cycle is deposited right into the water heater. This provides us with virtually free hot water. We will also recover our investment over the life of the geothermal system. The heat pump is installed indoors, protected from weather, and should last more than twenty-five years. The underground loop system should provide dependable operation for up to fifty-five years. Plus, we aren’t paying to run a separate furnace, air conditioner, and water heater. The single geothermal unit requires little or no maintenance beyond filter changes and periodic inspection. Along with every one of the many financial benefits, geothermal systems are both good for the environment and exceptionally safe to function. Because the unit does not necessarily burn fossil fuels, there is not a threat of flames, fumes, or even carbon monoxide.

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  • thermostat adjustments in storage

    Working out of my house makes it hard to not co-mingle the storage space in my house with the office space in my house. After accidentally mixing up accounting and tax receipts and my accounting files for the third time this month, I decided it was time to get a storage unit. There is the place near my house and a postal store that has climate controlled units. I prepaid for a year and got a unit large enough to hold my file cabinet, and old desk, and several boxes. I chose a climate controlled space as a result of the humidity in my region. It can cause the papers and data files to moisten and dissolve. I especially love that the units are carpeted apart from having heating and air conditioning. If I want to store anything of value with the unit, I can put it on the floor without worry that it could possibly get dirty or scratched up. Last week, I had to go into the storage unit and try to look for some paperwork. I was so comfortable inside, due to the HVAC system that they use, I felt like I was a worker in a small office and not really a storage unit. I was there for a couple of hours looking through the archive cabinets and boxes. The air conditioning system made me so comfortable, I almost didn’t just want to leave. I have heard about people living in their climate controlled storage units. Now I can see how they manage to. I might consider making it into an office but it may well turn off my clients.

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  • Thermostat read 85 degrees

    Settling my 20 month old infant boy into daycare was one of the hardest decisions I have made for him so far. I hate leaving him alone for a variety of hours a day, but it can be described as a necessity so that I can have a job. The other day, I went to pick him up after I left work and found the daycare center being incredibly cold. It was unseasonably cold outside so they probably didn’t expect it due to the time of year, but they must be know how to adjust a thermostat. It felt like it was less than 30 degrees in there. If it was that cold when I dropped him off in the morning, I would have bundled him up in a coat and gloves. The weak little boy had a runny nose and sniffles! He was not the only person, either. I wonder if they would have had the heat on a high setting if it ended up being 80 degrees outside. Ideally the staff would adjust the thermostat frequently in the daytime as needed. I asked the director concerning temperature issue and they laughed and said that the programmable thermostat was broken. I gladly suggested the HVAC company that use at home and the heating and air conditioning agency they use at my workplace. Either of them would be very happy come out and fix your thermostat and service their HVAC system. The director called both within the companies and requested quotes. In the mail, one of the choices turned up and got the thermostat, HVAC system, and remote controls working immediately.

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  • Thermostat and weddings

    For a wedding and event photographer, I’m sure constantly running around the party for the perfect shot at these huge events. The weather in my region is pretty warm year-round so outdoor weddings, fundraisers, and big parties are quite normal. Most of these weddings and events come about in the outdoor courtyards near hotels or convention centers. I need the natural lighting and pleasant, pretty backgrounds this provides. They make great photographs. It is usually really nice to run inside and cool-down in between shots and shot sets. In this area in the country, central air conditioning and a well-serviced HVAC system is really important for comfort eight to ten months of the year. Unless the attire is formal, this is a smart way to stay fresh and cool through the event. However, if I am in a tux or dark suit, there is not really an HVAC system sufficiently strong to cool me off. 85 degrees outside in the black suit or tuxedo feels like 200 degrees and does not get easily fixed using a little cool air. I once worked a morning wedding on the beach in the middle of Summer. It was so hot, I secretly hoped it could rain and they would cancel it or at least move it indoors. I prefer being wet from rain as compared to from sweat. I think may well smell better too. Regardless, the feeling of stepping into the cool air – even for a couple minutes – on a hot day is quite refreshing. That blast of cold air conditioning, after being inside heat of the sun, rocks !.

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  • Air conditioning filters with smells

    I adore turning on my central heating during the cold winter months. The house gets and stays so pleasant and toasty and warm. I can even go room to room and enjoy quite possibly all the same temperatures. Just what I don’t like, however, is the burning smell it produces when I use it each year when the weather finally gets cold. It has the scent of burning hair and dust. I know there exists several months worth of dust in the heating coils by the time I arrive to use it each year in the winter. I used to spray the filters with lemon essential oil or vanilla essential oil each winter time before inserting them into the HVAC device and turning on the system’s heating setting. I read somewhere this can actually be a fire danger, depending on the variety of oil I may use. My HVAC service repair guy laughed and told me about scented filters and safe scented inserts that will freshen the air in my home as well as cover up that burning dust particles smell. He also cleaned the coils effectively while he was here. Then I had him install a programmable thermostat with remote control from my smartphone, and we set up a regular appointment for service every season so the HVAC unit will continue to run efficiently. I also bought a year’s supply of scented filters and scented inserts so that my home will always smell nice and the air will be fresh as well as clean. It is so nice that I have a good HVAC service and repair company at my disposal.

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  • Clothing HVAC

    In my section of the country, it is the time of year when the weather outside changes several times every week. Sometimes it changes several times inside of the same day. Yesterday, it was about thirty five degrees when I left your home for work. By the time I went out for lunch, it was sixty five degrees. Around the time I left for my drive home, the temperature was in the forties. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to pick up some food for my dinner. By the time I left the store, it was nearly thirty again. I would say that I am very thankful for the central heating and air conditioning with my office building, in the shops, and at home and also we are glad I have heated seats for my car, but the real difficulty is my wardrobe choices. The trunk of my car looks like a Lost and Found box. Contained in the it are the coat, hat and scarf from the early morning cold, the gloves I chose to remove at lunch, and a light jacket I needed later on. By the end of this week, my car begins to appear more like a thrift store versus a simple mode of transportation. I actually really like the cold weather, but I like the HVAC system in my condo more. I had it installed some time ago. The timing was wonderful. That year, we had an insane snow blizzard and the outside temperature dropped to 12 degrees. My condo was still rather toasty, comfy, and warm.

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  • Heating and AC without air ducts

    This time of year is an eventful time of year in this office. It is Christmas time, and we are an office that does work on social public policy with the Catholic Church in our area. You would think that we would be closed right now, but we aren’t. When the office was organized in 1969, and ever since then, the office closed for about 14 days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s. That is, until 2014 when we got a new boss. The first major change the new man made was to eliminate closing the office at Christmas time. It is ludicrous, I think, because I believe we spend more running the lights as well as the HVAC system than we save. Our building is three stories and each story in the building is one HVAC zone control area. That means if even one person is working at any floor, we need an HVAC system running on that particular floor. That is the scenario today. Almost everyone used their vacation time to stay home with their families. There are only three people on the job today including mw. I am on the second floor, so I have the air conditioner running on the second floor just for me. A colleague of mine is working on the third floor. She is running the air conditioner for just herself as well. And the second-in-command in his office on the first floor, so he is running the air conditioning down there. No one here can accomplish anything because almost no one is here, and we’ve been using the air conditioning the whole day. I think it is an awfully mind boggling decision to stay open these weeks. The use of the HVAC system in itself is enough reason to close.

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  • Quality HVAC and efficient

    When I was a child, I had no idea how my family’s house was kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We lived in the northeast, and actually, as far as I know, we did not have an air conditioner. I’m sure we must have had a furnace, though. It would regularly snow a large amount every winter. Now that I’m an adult and in the southeast, I am more mindful of the responsibilities of home ownership. A big responsibility regards indoor air quality. Another is trying to bring down costs while maintaining good indoor air quality. Very soon, I will be replacing my house’s HVAC system. I have a modest home with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, so I have no need for a huge HVAC system. I’ll be calling in an HVAC company that will help me determine what is best for my home, and my budget. I would like to be able to just flat out buy the most energy efficient air conditioner and heater they make. I doubt this is possible with my budget. I have to be reasonable. The thing I need to do is to determine how much energy I use and how much it would cost me to upgrade the HVAC system and how much in terms of energy I am apt to save each month with a new HVAC system. Since I am only one person, my heating and cooling needs are not as drastic as those of a family.

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  • Being smart about heating

    We all know by now that the costliest part of your monthly utility bill is the heating and cooling system. Especially the heating system. Here in the south we don’t have to use our heaters as much or even at all, but when we do, you can easily expect to see a steep increase in your power bill. It does not have to be that way, however. You can save money by helping your furnace relax not work so hard and have some time to rest. Set your thermostat low and use sweats and quilts that will help you stay warm. Change the air filters once a month so that they don’t force your furnace to have to pump dust and waste. Don’t rely on the vent fans in your kitchen and bathrooms so much. A lot of people don’t pay those fans much attention because they think that it cannot be expensive to run a little fan. True, the fan itself is not very costly. However, those exhaust fans can take the heated air that your furnace just worked hard to give you and very quickly send it outdoors. Once that toxic smell you want to avoid is gone, turn off the exhaust fan. Your heater will thank you. Also, trick that barely anyone does anymore is open the curtains. Find the south side in your home and open the drapes and blinds on southern windows. You can use the sun to help the heater out. The original solar! The opposite is true in summer, too. In summer keep those window coverings closed and open the ones on the northern side of the house.

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  • Cold times and heating

    Many people are not happy when the the utility bill arrives monthly. We want to have the best indoor quality of air, but it can be being a rude awakening when we come face to face with what it costs to run our heating and cooling systems. It is never a bad idea to implement some energy saving tips, especially during the winter. The number one consumer of energy in most American homes will be the HVAC system, but there are some simple and effective strategies to save money on your heating bill this winter. First, starting in the fall, make a call to your area HVAC company and set up an HVAC system inspection. The HVAC technician can come out and inspect the furnace and all of the heater’s components. Whatever has to be repaired can be done so before it becomes an issue. Next, set your thermostat low. Some homeowners tend to set the thermostat at 76 or higher, but that is unnecessary and will uses a lot of energy. Be willing to wear a sweater indoors and use blankets while you sleep. Also, be sure to begin the winter with a fresh air filter and then change the filter each and every month to keep your furnace from having to work too hard to keep your home warm. Next, check around your windows and doors. Do they feel drafty? Even when they are closed, your doors and windows will leak heat. This, too, means your furnace is required to use more electricity to keep the house warm. Invest in draft protectors or do some caulking as necessary.

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