• Beach living in Orlando

    This last month, my husband was required to take a week in Orlando. Since I really enjoy Florida weather, I decided to go with him. He was busy every day, which left me looking for something fun to complete. I really detest theme areas, water parks, and any massive tourist attraction. I wanted to just relax, enjoy the weather, and process sun. I decided to visit all of the beaches in the Orlando area. I started with Cocoa Beach, which is located just a bit away from Orlando, and is really easily accessible. I just hopped on that expressway, and it was right past the cruise ship port. Although the beach was super hard to navigate, it was a really beautiful as well as the waves were quite calm. On my second day, I was advancing north, and spent the day at New Smyrna Beach. It was eventually not far from Orlando, and I liked not wearing running shoes. Most of the people were locals. I got advice on a good place to eat, and had a terrific lunch break. I spent day three days in Clearwater Beach, which is free airline of Orlando, and absolutely liked the powdery white sand. I stayed to take in the sunset, and even required a ferry ride to Caladesi Island, which offered one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever experienced. I tried out Daytona Beach, but there were so many people there, that I never even swam inside the ocean.

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  • My new plumber

    My wife has had a dream of living in the country’s very since we got married. But with our limited income, we were not in a position to afford buying a home in some rural community. We had been getting by in a rental property in the city for over ten years.  When we finally got together enough savings  to purchase a plot of wooded land and design  a new home, we were eager to get started. My wife was very anxious to get the house built. I knew that we had a great deal of work ahead of us before the house was finished. We were relieved that we found a trustworthy and reliable company, who was also able to put us in together  with a certified electrician and plumber. I had originally thought that I could have hire my buddy, Ted, who does minor plumbing work.  The contractor I hired said that if something were to be mishandled, even a minor problem could end up being a major problem during a new construction build. I knew that my contractor was right, but Ted was pretty angry and disappointed that  we did not hire him to complete the plumbing installation for my big project. I tried explaining the state of affairs to him and told him I would certainly hire home for  his plumbing services in the future once the house was constructed. But my buddy has a super big ego and stopped talking to my wife and I after that. I was a little upset over the whole thing at the time, but had more serious issues  to worry about with my completely new house. The contractor was completing a timely and beautiful job.  The house was really starting to come together, very quickly.  The electrician and the plumber had both installed the wiring and pipes, and soon the drywall would be going up. I was so excited to show my wife.

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  • Getting my plumbing cleaned

    When my wife got a new job all the way across the country, we had to pack everything up and move. Her company was generous enough to pay for our relocation costs. Because my wife had to head directly work upon arriving in this new city, I had to oversee the unpacking and organizing of our new house. In this completely unfamiliar city, there were quite a few things to figure out. Our new home was quite a bit bigger and in a more affluent neighborhood. I was excited for our the major change, as was my spouse. However, I experienced some complications with our plumbing system right after we moved in. On our first night in the house, I found a corroded pipe in the basement that was steadily dripping. It was not an emergency, but I certainly didn’t want the basement wet and maybe growing mold. I got out my smartphone and did some research.  I was looking for a  local plumber who provided 24 hour service without overtime fees. The first result online offered a company that looked suitable. Their website was well laid out and really packed with information. I was hoping that they might be the plumbing service I would use for the next years. As it happened, they also were open for service round the clock, 7 days a week! Their website had a spot where I could schedule visits during regular weekday hours, and then a phone number I could utilize for after hours service. That was exactly what I had hoped for. I spoke to a  friendly dispatcher, who sent a plumber over to my house straight away. The plumber was at my door within 20 minutes. That was a great start.

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  • HVAC noises and my heater

    I was a music major in college and sound was a major focus. All of the music students hung out in one building. It had the right instruments, a nice stage and an awesome wide open space. We all go forth to Mason Hall to spend time playing the music we loved. We would play our instruments and sing for hours on end, practicing to get better. For the most part the hall was a great place to be. In the cold winter months our time there was not so good. The heating system in the building was really old along and decrepit. The dust appeared to clog the furnace filter as well as the whole heater. The dust in the heater is the crucial reason why it made such loud noises. Not only did it help make very loud noises, it made vibrations within the room as well. When our tired heating system would turn on, the pipes in the walls created vibrations. The vibrations made the music sound off. We would have to constantly tune all our instruments and alter our practices to the vibrations. It sounds strange, but the heating system was really affecting our day to day activities. The college I attended was known for their music program. You would think a college the focuses primarily on music, would invest money back into the main music hall.  I hope they do something soon so current students can also spend quality time in that historic building.

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  • I can’t believe how hot it is getting

    I wince recalling my freshman year of college as I was forced to live in the dorms. I was told by my family that living in the dorms was a smart decision. I would make friends, be social and assimilate to school better. However the dorms provided nothing but grief. I hated my roommate since she was always inside our room and she left her belongings everywhere. I also grew to dislike the girls on my floor since they were always partying. The worst the aspect of the dorms though had to be the temperature control settings of the building. The dorms didn’t have a smart HVAC system.  In the summer when I would come home into the building I felt the air conditioner. The girls on the main floor would complain about the thermostat being set too cool. They would whine about how cold their rooms got. I would then climb multiple flights of stairs to the third floor. Heat naturally rises and the AC system was on the ground level. So I never got to experience the cool A/C in summer months. In the winter you would think this meant I’d have a nice toasty room. I actually had an unbearably humid room. The heat from the heating unit would rise to my floor and make it feel like a hot box. It was horrible how hot my dorm was in the wintertime. I never was the proper temperature in that building. Honestly a zone controlled HVAC device would have been a really investment for the building.

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  • My air quality and why it is how it is

    I’ve been reading up on indoor quality of air. My son suffers from severe complications from allergies, and I’m looking for new ways to help alleviate his symptoms. I’ve found that the average six-room house produces around forty pounds of dust yearly, which sounds extreme. I’ve also learned that the air in my house is distributed through my HVAC system seven times every day. If the HVAC system is particularly dirty, then the air in my house is going to be dirty as well. While it is actually running, the HVAC system draw contaminants into the system, and hopefully they get trapped by the air filter. Sometimes, however, dirt and debris get into the inner workings. If there are any cracks, leaks or holes within the duct system, polluted outside air may be drawn in. Dust, dander, pollen, and even one or two dead rodents could be hiding in the duct work and entire HVAC system. Things like disgusting mildew and mold can start growing in there, and then every time my HVAC system operates, spores get circulated throughout my house. After learning all of that, I was anxious to schedule professional maintenance and service for my whole HVAC system. I signed up for a service plan that includes two maintenance calls yearly. I have my air conditioner cleaned and inspected every spring, along with the furnace optimized every fall. I also arranged for a home air purifier to be installed directly into the oxygen handler of the HVAC unit. It traps and kills even the smallest contaminants and bacteria.

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  • New HVAC systems

    The master bedroom in our house used to be a sun porch. It was not part of the original living space, and had simply no insulation. It was mainly comprised of windows, and they were old and were energy inefficient. When we planned to repurpose the sun porch into a bedroom, we had a great deal of work to do. We wanted to make the space airtight, and find a method to solve the issue with temperature control. We did not want to face the mess, expense, and disruption with expanding out home’s duct system. Additionally, we did not want to attempt to heat and cool the space using a portable air conditioner or space heating unit. After doing some research, we decided a ductless mini split system might perfectly suit our needs. A ductless mini split is extremely compact and can be installed without major renovation. All that’s needed is a small three-inch hole in the outside wall to accommodate a conduit, and access to electric power. The indoor unit is lightweight and may also be mounted high up on the wall. It provides both heating and cooling, and is controlled with a wireless remote control. Ductless heat pumps are wonderfully energy efficient, hushed, and clean. By spending more, we were able to get a system with wifi control, enabling us to make adjustments from our smartphones. The HVAC system automatically slows down and speeds up based on demand, and effectively dehumidifies the space in summer months. The ductless mini split was an ideal investment, and offers ideal comfort.

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  • Working on my plumbing

    We are very particular people. My wife and I are so particular that it took years to locate a house we wanted to shop for. We willingly stayed in a one bedroom apartment a year longer than we wanted just to assure we found the most suitable property for our needs. It finally happened. We still needed to do some minor renovations, though. First, we slabbed on some coloring in the bedrooms and livened up one of the rooms by having some dazzling hardwood floors laid down. It really does look great. Finally, we wanted to expand the kitchen some and move some stuff around in there. We began shuffling the cabinets around and really wanted to put the sink and fridge in different spots. Unfortunately, I had to hire a professional plumber for this. The way the pipes were organized, I could not simply move these things and still have running water. I needed an expert in order to do this job right for the reason that the last thing I wanted was to have to fix it by myself and then make a huge mistake along the way. Luckily, everything got done and the kitchen looks excellent. I would not hesitate to call that plumbing company again for the reason that they were great guys. I think they charge a fair price for their services as well. I have come across far inferior plumbers that charge more money than they do which is odd. I think I will stick with them for the moment and just enjoy our home.

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  • I really need to clean my heater

    There is always one thing I keep in the back of my mind that I learned from my father and that is to take good care of the things that you do have. I used to have a bike and I might not ride my bike especially nicely like my dad wanted me too. I used to take my bike everywhere across the neighborhood ride it through puddles and throw it on the floor without using the kickstand. As I got older his value of taking care of things carried with me up. Once I started driving and I bought my first car I made sure to address it. If I spilled something I would clean it immediately. I ensured that I had proper field fluids inside my car, and even at this tires rotated. My dad’s lesson also carried into as i owned my first home. My dad always stressed about the importance of keeping up with the HVAC system. It’s important to keep upward with your HVAC system because it cools and heats the home during the seasonal months. I most certainly will change out my air filter every 11 weeks or so to ensure efficiency. However I leave the HVAC cleaning with the licensed HVAC professionals in my area. I have been told simply by my HVAC technician that you should clean your HVAC system it might affect the condensing coils and air filters causing these phones clog and reducing the efficiency with the HVAC system. You can lose up to 5% of energy and efficiency when you do not clean and or care at all for your system when you are supposed too.indoor comfort

  • It’s a pain getting really hot

    The heat of the summer is what I look forward to most during the year except this July has been exceptionally brutal. This summer has been very different from all of the rest. It has been days and perhaps weeks since it has rained. All of us are in a drought. Our your lawn look completely dead. Not only are we completely dry but we’ve been hitting record high temperatures this summer. Can you imagine what that is even like? Now, imagine not having an air conditioning system on your property during the summer. We do not have one and this summer we have been struggling. I sleep with a major fan on and on that high setting. Sometimes that doesn’t even help since it feels so humid here. Living without air conditioning has become a 2010 real struggle lately. The only savior I’ve got had from the what is work. I am able to arrive at work and the air conditioning hits me right within the face. It feels so cool and it’s also such a relief. It could be the only relief from the heating I get all summer much time. Sometimes if the weather is usually too hot, I dread the changing times off from work. I know that those days My goal is to have to spend the whole day within the pool to stay cool. If you are having a similar problem you know what After all. Living without air conditioning has been such a struggle. I do not highly recommend it. I don’t even care where you reside or if you need the idea. Whether you really need it or not, you always want to have just in case.

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